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Former CIA Operations officer Clare Lopez on Islamic antisemitism, Iranian Style:

KENNETH TIMMERMAN - Chairman, Foundation For Democracy in IRAN:


NEW - NationalGeographic Documentary:
INSIDE 9/11 - The WAR Continues...

UpCOMING 9/11 Television Remembrances

There. Are. No. Words.


Scandals over eavesdropped on a dead girl's cell phone messages continue. Dan Rivers report

Domestic Military Movements and Government Security Alert Tests--LD

US/[redacted]; US/94; PHX/3; IntelHUB; InfoWARS; US/1; ATTN: HST/2

[ed.note: TWO Members now reporting Warning notification systems be tested this afternoon, including a State Department one. State apparently issued three FLASH SECURITY WARNINGS this PM ET, as “tests” of their newly implemented worldwide automated cell phone and other platforms notification system. One reporting Member stated this was ‘unusual.’ A special personal code number has to be entered to access the new security notifications.

Mirrors FLASH nationwide local first responder and military reservist REPORTING around NEW YEAR’S Day. Later News story on CBS News with Katie Couric program cited US bulletin on what was described a “food-poisoning plot” intelligence report. CLICK the CAUTION ICON for SERIOUS REPORT!

BKNT Members Do NOT know the reliability of below Truckers Video Source – In this case, ‘Discretion is advised.’

Moderator US/1 once stumbled into  military ops scuba-diving 40 miles off  the coast of NC (Labor Day 1980—suspected October Surprise on Iran pre-1980 election) and the occasional helicopter flights in and out of the Anthrax base at Ft. Detrick, MD,  and also Navy chopper flying up the Shenandoah River near Harpers Ferry, between Dick Cheney's undisclosed location and Camp David during the exciting years of the post-9/11days.

Best explanation on massed military movements around the US is that numerous RESERVE UNITS ‘are getting their required two Summer weeks out of the way early—a common practice apparently. US/1 HIGLY RECOMMENDS WATCHING THE SMOKING JOE TRAINER VIDEO.

“Here is some insight on what to look for from SmokinJoeTrainer;” ]


Huge Marine Drill Confirms Ground Invasion of Libya?--LD
PHX/[redacted]; YQ/G-1; PurePURSUIT; US/1;

[US/1] - more info below. Also, FYI, there are folks who think this is a pre-curser to a deployment to Libya....[redacted]


Would that it were…at least they have ‘real,’ if controversial, data.

But if mean are they unreliable – Don’t know. The reason, in this case, ‘Discretion was advised.’

I have stumbled into  military ops scuba-diving 40 miles off  the coast of NC (Labor Day 1980—suspected October Surprise on Iran pre-80 election) and helicopter flights in Ft. Detrick and the Shenandoah River post-911days.

Ergo, I do NOT discount it.

Does that address you question?

Also, what’s your  best PHONE right now?

Over, [US/1]

Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 [1600 ET]
To: [US/1]
Subject: Re:
BKNT--Truckers Report Mass MIlitary Movments-EastCOAST--LD

[US/1]: Are you sure this isn't a wikileaks posting.  YQ1

On Jun 21, 2011, at [1530 ET US/1] wrote:
US/94;US/1; ATTN: NSW/1;NSNS/1;Mil.COM-Ed; HST/1;HST/2
            [ed.note: Discretion Advise…]

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

101 MAINEiac Avenue, Suite 505
Bangor, ME 04401

June 20, 2011



Lieutenant Colonel [name Redacted]
Wing Executive Staff Officer
101st Air Refueling Wing
(207) 990-[redacted]

E-mail: [email address redacted]

"101st Air Refueling Wing Conducts Training Exercises"

The 101st Air Refueling Wing in Bangor will be conducting a week of annual refresher training starting June 21st. Throughout the week people may hear small explosions and see red smoke plumes in conjunction with these exercises. There will be training and recertification on the use of "training munitions", such as Ground Burst Simulators (GBS) and Smoke Grenades (Red). There will also be announcements, sirens, and warnings from our outdoor loud speaker system. In addition, towards the end of the week, the entire Wing will engage in several simulated attack scenarios using these same munitions at various locations within their installation by the airport.

If you have questions, please contact Lt Col [redacted..] Wing Executive Staff Officer, 101st Air Refueling Wing at 207-990-[redacted],


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Lt Col [Redacted]
Wing Executive Staff Officer / Wing SARC
101 MAINEiac Avenue, Suite 505
Bangor, ME 04401
DSN 698-[redacted]
(207) 990-[redacted]
SARC line (207) 990-[redacted]

E-mail:  [redacted]

[Information contained in BKNT E-mail is considered Attorney-Client and Attorney Work Product privileged, copyrighted and confidential. Views that may be expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of any government, agency, or news organization.]



Navy SEALs Movie Starring Navy SEALs Officially Announced VULTURE

6/13/11 at 12:25 AM

As Vulture first reported, Relativity Media is releasing a movie about Navy SEALs, starring actual Navy SEALs. The scripted film, Act of Valor, was officially announced Sunday, and the studio is targeting a 2012 release date. Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh will direct, and Kurt Johnstad (300) wrote the script. Act of Valor follows a squad on a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent and take down terrorists. The filmmakers had "unprecedented Naval access," according to a press release, and the movie will feature combat sequences composited from actual events in the lives of the men appearing in the film. +Entertainment+and+Culture+Blog%29

Oswald and the CIA:

Ambush in Mogadishu:

Life and Death of Dr. Gerald Bull - HBO Version, 1994:

'...and thus his heart was forever blackened...'



Follow The Money. in HAWALA - EdgeHEDGE

Follow The Money. in HAWALA - EdgeHEDGE
NEW - Muslim who financed Times Square jihad bomber pleads guilty


BlackNET Member James Bamford: Inside the NSA's Largest Secret Domestic Spy Center